Let bags fly!

Show your support for families facing cancer!


Cornhole for Cancer is an endeavor of For Pete’s Sake Cancer Respite Foundation (FPS), a nonprofit charity that believes in the power of respite to change the lives of cancer patients and their families!

With your support, FPS shares the gift of transformational time with families, giving them a respite from living with cancer to refresh, reconnect and rejuvenate! The pandemic has made cancer even more isolating for families and has also made fundraising events difficult. So, we created Cornhole for Cancer that allows communities to gather in a safe way and raise funds for families in the FPS respite program!

So, let the Bags Fly!


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How it Works

This is a mobile cornhole event and we supply everything you need for a successful event, from the minute you decide to host a tournament through the event itself! We provide the registration platform, all team correspondence and when the day comes, we bring all the boards, bags, brackets, scoring towers, tables and tents, television brackets, a sound system, generator, music and mobile-friendly scoring technology! We even provide an event coordinator and 2 assistants to manage registration, set up the boards with your volunteers, and ensure your event is timely, fun, and fantastic for all participants! As the event coordinator, you are in charge of securing a venue, recruiting 6-12 volunteers, promoting the event, and meeting our fundraising/registration minimums! The location must be in NJ, DE, MD, NY, or PA. We have a playbook to share with you about promotion too!


Host an Event

We offer three types of cornhole play (double elimination, round robin, and switcholio) and three models by which to host an event.  Click here to read more about the different models and choose the best one for you! Then sign up below to get started.  Any questions, please call our office at 267.708.0510 and we can help decide which one is right for you!

Register for an Event

Upcoming events are listed below.
Please note your event date and be sure to register as a complete team, if noted. Once registered, you will receive and email confirmation and future communications about event play!

Fidelity Cranberry Cornhole Tournament (Private Event)

Date: August 27, 2022
Location: North Park Pittsburgh
Host: Fidelity

American Heritage Credit Union Cornhole Tournament

Date: June 4, 2022
Location:  2060 Red Lion Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19115
Host: American Heritage Credit Union

NewSpring Capital Cornhole Tournament (Private Event)

Date: June 21, 2022
Location: 555 East Lancaster Avenue Radnor, PA
Host: NewSpring Capital

Breathing Room Foundation Cornhole Tournament

Date: Fall 2022
Location: MacSwiney Club
Host: Breathing Room Foundation

Maryanne Pastry SIC 2022 Cornhole Tournament

Date: July 8, 2022
Location: Excursion Park, Sea Isle City, NJ
Host: Maryanne Pastry Shoppe

Thank you to our incredible CHFC coordinators!

FPS Mission in Action

Rich is a father to two children, Gavin and Emma, and a loving husband to his wife, Gwen. Rich was diagnosed with Colon Cancer in May 2016 and has undergone extensive treatment including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Rich’s oncology team at Abramson Cancer Center in Philadelphia, PA nominated him to receive a Travel Respite experience at Davenport Florida in April 2017. His team knew that he needed time with his family to relieve stress and reconnect. Your support helps us give this gift to families each month!

“It was the perfect timing for my family. We enjoyed each other’s company each and every day. We grew closer as a family. This was the best vacation for my wife. She was able to be forget about the cancer and spend time with the kids, which she could not do when I was sick. My kids had a blast. With me being sick there is not much to do at home. The one-on-one time we shared with the kids was great!

You start to have a positive outlook at life again. My wife and kids have become closer to me. We do not get a lot of time together so this week was great!” – Rich

Since Rich’s respite in 2017, he and his family have found many ways to pay it forward to the next family in need of a break from cancer. The family, along with their friends, attended a Cornhole for Cancer fundraiser in October 2020 and had a fantastic time. Immediately the family knew that their next fundraising activity would be for them to host their own cornhole event in their community. Thank you to the Salamone family for their amazing support of the FPS mission and Cornhole for Cancer.


Interested in supporting Cornhole for Cancer on a Regional Level? For Pete’s Sake offers sponsorship opportunities for this initiative!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Cornhole for Cancer help my company/community?

Cornhole is a great game to get everyone engaged! Check out this article that explains why Cornhole is a must have marketing opportunity for your company and group! https://customcorntoss.com/5-reasons-cornhole-tournament-ultimate- marketing-event. Cornhole for Cancer is great for networking & team building opportunities! The Scoreholio software makes it easy to set-up the tournament so that players can either register in set teams or individually and then are matched with different players for all four games. So if you choose this tournament style, you randomly switch partners and get to play with someone different each game.

Being together is important and cornhole is one of the few activities that can be done safely, outside. So, it is a great way to bond people of all ages, skill levels, backgrounds and abilities! So, take the initiative to get one organized and bring Cornhole for Cancer to your community. This type of event is perfect for schools, sports groups, independent/assisted living facilities, religious groups, service groups, fraternity/sororities, and any other groups that are looking for a family fun activity!

How do I get started?

To begin, we encourage you to read the Event Information and these FAQ’s to familiarize yourself with the Cornhole for Cancer concept and execution process. There are some major considerations including who will host the event, what model you will choose (found in Event Information), the location of the tournament and the date (with a rain date or alternative location). Once you have made a decision to host an event please complete the Host a Cornhole Tournament Form on this website.  Once the form is submitted, the FPS office will call you within 48 business hours to get the process started. When your date/time/event details are confirmed, FPS will supply a customized registration form and URL page for your event specifically, and you will be able to share this with your players. Further, this page can also list any additional information pertinent to your tournament specifically and any sponsors you may want to recognize. This webpage will become the hub for all registration and information pertaining to your tournament.

Once the tournament is up and running, FPS takes care of every detail and will communicate with all participants via email and text. We assign teams and courts, organize brackets and ensure that there is registration material for all attendees. FPS even provides the tents, tables and monitors so people can take a break from the sun and watch play that is happening. Prior to the event, all players will receive detailed instructions and a map of the tournament set up.

What is my goal and will you help me with reaching my goal?

The goal is to raise awareness and funds to support the For Pete’s Sake Cancer Respite Foundation mission. To make it worthwhile for us to come and orchestrate your tournament, we recommend a goal of $6,000. At a minimum, we can come if you are able to raise $3,000 with team registrations and other ideas contained in our fundraising kit.  We will provide you a detailed fundraising guide and expert advice on ideas that help you reach your goal.

What other ways can I raise money to reach my fundraising goals – Raffles / Sponsorship / Donations / Dedicate a Court?

A fundraising kit is available to all tournament hosts.  This kit will provide practical advice and guidance on raising additional funds, from raffles and sponsors to merchandise sales and silly games that you could include in your event experience.  We encourage you to find event sponsors to help you reach your fundraising goal! We can create signage for them at the event and give them team registrations.  An event sponsorship packet template will be provided to any tournament host who is interested in adding this fundraising initiative to their tournament.

In addition, tournament participants can dedicate a court in honor or memory of a loved one.  There will be a prompt to do this on the registration page and you can simply follow the directions. To do this requires a $25 donation and all of these donations will count towards your fundraising goal and are restricted gifts to offset our respite costs throughout the year.

What marketing and promotional support can I expect when hosting a Cornhole for Cancer Event?

FPS will work with you to promote your event. To help you, we have designed a Cornhole for Cancer toolkit that has templates for social media posting, for posters, for press releases and for any other imaginable way to help spread the word. FPS will allow for posts on our social media platform for your event. FPS will also promote pictures of your event and report back to the community about your success!  All event hosts are encouraged to reach out to members of their local media about your event and in the toolkit, there are some samples for which you can use for this outreach.

If you have specific social media questions please contact Amber Mercado, who can walk you through any problem related to social media. Amber can be reached via email at amber@takeabreakfromcancer.org or by calling (267) 708-0510.

What are the different styles of event play?

We offer three forms of event play.

  1. The traditional method of play is a double elimination event that results in a final bracket. Every team is guaranteed two games.
  2. We also offer a Round Robin event style that guarantees every team will play four games. The bracket is then ranked after the round robin by record and points, and a single elimination playoff bracket is made with the top sixteen teams. Every team is guaranteed four games.
  3. The final method of play is a Switcholio, where players sign up individually and are randomly paired with different players in the Round Robin format. This format is terrific for Chambers, parties and networking events. Again, every team plays four games.
How many people are on a team?

Each team has two players. The tournament is limited to 128 teams. If you have more than 128 teams that want to sign up, we would consider additional teams based on a case by case basis and our ability to staff the event with both personnel and supplies.

Can the boards be on hard surfaces like asphalt and soft surfaces like grass?

Yes. If you have the space for the boards and the land is flat, then set up is simple and it is irrelevant if play is on grass or asphalt.

How much space do I need to set up the boards?

We do ask you have a sizable parking lot or grassy area for the boards, and a good approximation for a maximum needed is half the size of a football field; this is for 128 teams and allows for ample social distancing. For less teams, account for about six feet per court in width and boards are placed 27 feet apart per regulation. Our current electronic scoring structure allows for us to accommodate 128 teams with 32 courts.

Can kids play on a shorter court?

Of course. We normally set the courts up for the regulation of 27 feet and can shorten the courts to either the child regulation of 24 feet or to a court length that you believe would be appropriate for your audience.

What do the boards look like?

We use standard cornhole boards assembled with 2×4’’s, so they are quite sturdy and there is no bouncing. Some of the boards in use have been decorated by FPS families and are used exclusively for Cornhole for Cancer. We hope you enjoy the artwork displayed on the boards! Remember, we bring all the boards so there is no reason that any player needs to supply a board.

Can I use my own bags?

No, we ask that you please refrain from bringing your own cornhole bags. With the rotation of courts and our tournament styles, you must use the bags we provide.

What do I need to know about creating/joining a team?

Each team has two players and the tournament is limited to 128 teams.  If using set teams, the team members need to register together and choose a team name.  The more creative the names, the more fun the tournament can be. However, all names must be in good taste as our events are family friendly.  Each team will be randomly assigned the starting brackets. Prior to the event, FPS will communicate directly to all registrants so to manage expectations.

What do players need to know the day of the event?

Registration will begin thirty minutes prior to the start of play and teams simply have to check in with their team name, players names and email addresses. Once teams have checked in, they will proceed to the technology table for instructions on how to set up the scoring technology. It is suggested that all players download the Scoreholio app prior to coming to the tournament and we will help you set up the app for the tournament that day.

There will be two to four brackets depending on the event, labeled as Brackets A, B, C, and D. They will contain 16-32 teams each. Courts within these brackets will be titled A1 through A8 for Bracket A, B1 through B8 for Bracket B, and so on. Once all teams have registered and as play is about to begin, you will receive a notification on your phone as to the court you will be playing at for the first game. Once you are assigned to a bracket at the start of play, all your games will take place on these bracket courts! Your phone notifications will continue as play is underway and will tell you what court in your bracket you will be playing on! It’s important that when you get a notification, you immediately go to that court and start play. This is how we are able to complete the tournament in a four-hour timeframe!

Further, each bracket will have a television monitor under the bracket tent that will depict who is playing and on what court. Therefore, if you don’t want to use your phone, we ask that you continually look at the monitor to keep on top of your team movement.

Are there event prizes?

Yes we give prizes, but they are not cash prizes. Rather, we work with the community organizer to provide prizes that are meaningful to both them and also to the FPS mission and taking a break! Some samples include gift cards for fun family activities.

Can we add a food element to the event?

We encourage it! Perhaps you want to add a food truck as part of the day or choose a venue that is part of a restaurant or catering hall with a large parking lot! This latter idea allows you to make the venue part of the experience itself and gives you access to food! FPS has a list of food truck vendors in PA which have passed our screening test. Any other vendor you identify will have to be approved prior to the event and have the requisite insurance required by FPS and the local host. We always ask too that the food vendors provide a portion of the proceeds as a donation to the event.

Can participants set up camps and tents for themselves?

It depends on the event and venue. If allowed, we encourage participants to bring their own chairs and tents, and if refreshments are not available for purchase at the event, then pack some food and beverages. The total tournament time is about four hours so be sure to have plenty of water! FPS does not provide any refreshments as part of the Cornhole for Cancer set up and execution.

What happens if it rains?

As part of the registration process, organizers are required to provide a rain date or alternative location. Because of the bag material, the game cannot be played in inclement weather, so rain dates are important.  You will be notified by 5:00 pm the evening prior to the tournament and all registrants will get a text message and email about the change.  If the rain date also is rained out, we will work with the tournament host to find a mutually agreed upon date to host the event.  Please note, if a team/player is unable to attend the rain date their registration fee is nonrefundable, but is transferable.

Can I volunteer at a Cornhole for Cancer Event?

Yes, of course you can volunteer at a Cornhole for Cancer Event.  Each event requires a minimum of 6 volunteers.  Please note that players are unable to play and volunteer for the event. Our volunteers are critical to the electronic scoring process and will be ensuring that the event pace continues to move by imputing game scores.  Players may assist in set-up and break-down of the event, but are unable to volunteer during game time.  To sign up to be a volunteer, please email cornhole@takeabreakfromcancer.org.  Virtual training will be provided to all volunteers through a scheduled 45 minute video call.

What if I am having trouble with technology?

We have this covered too. In close proximity to the registration table is a technology table that will be manned throughout the tournament. Someone at this table will be able to help you. Also, this table will have an additional monitor that will show play of each bracket.