Registration will begin thirty minutes prior to the start of play and teams simply have to check in with their team name, players names and email addresses. Once teams have checked in, they will proceed to the technology table for instructions on how to set up the scoring technology. It is suggested that all players download the Scoreholio app prior to coming to the tournament and we will help you set up the app for the tournament that day.

There will usually be two to four brackets depending on the event, labeled as Brackets A, B, C, and D. They will contain 16-32 teams each. Courts within these brackets will be titled A1 through A8 for Bracket A, B1 through B8 for Bracket B, and so on. Once all teams have registered and as play is about to begin, you will receive a notification on your phone as to the court you will be playing at for the first game. Once you are assigned to a bracket at the start of play, all your games will take place on these bracket courts! Your phone notifications will continue as play is underway and will tell you what court in your bracket you will be playing on! It’s important that when you get a notification, you immediately go to that court and start play. This is how we are able to complete the tournament in a four-hour timeframe!

Further, each bracket will have a television monitor under the bracket tent that will depict who is playing and on what court. Therefore, if you don’t want to use your phone, we ask that you continually look at the monitor to keep on top of your team movement.